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Buying a watch can be simple or time consuming depending on the person’s tastes.In order to find a good watch to suit your specific preferences,you may need to pay several of the local stores a visit and see what varieties are being offered there. For those that prefer a watch that simply tells the time and has minimal features,all that needs to be done is to find a watch with an attractive price tag and then try it on to see if it is comfortable. Why simply waste time in Malls for your pereferened watches.

Here has huge collections of all International Quality Watches from USA to India at best price.It is a given that watches will do their job in telling you the time but you might want some added features to make your wrist companion even more useful.Some of the more common features among high quality international watches
1.Calendar Window: Displays the date in a small window out to 31 days.
2.Perpetual Calendar: Displays the date perpetually throughout the year.
3.Chronograph: Popular stopwatch feature used for timing specific events.
4.World Time/Dual Time Zone (GMT ): Displays the time across several world time zones.
5.Moon Phase Indicator: Displays the lunar phases of the moon.
6.Star Chart: Displays the astronomical position of the constellations.
7.Power reserve: Displays the remaining stored energy.

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What Men Would Like To Tell Their Other Halves

Men like being respected

All men need to know that they are respected, both at home and in public. They love the fact that their girlfriends/ wives love them, trust them, and believe in them. They would rather feel unloved than be disrespected.

A man’s cold anger is often a direct response to disrespect
Is your guy acting all cold and aloof lately? He must me mad at you for something, that’s for sure. It can be anything from being sarcastic to him in front of his mom, or maybe just insulting his lack of taste in body spray! Yes it might sound funny, but it must have stung him and he feels humiliated.

Yes, you heard it right. Men are indeed insecure

Men are as vulnerable as you are. They suffer from bouts of terrible insecurities – and keep thinking about whether they are doing well in life – not just at work, but at home too and in their roles as the other half. If you think your man is insecure about his appearance, just check his box of male grooming products – the more he’s got, the more insecure he is. No, just kidding! But, jokes aside, men need tons of affirmation. They need some genuine praise from someone they love so much. And girls, sorry to tell you this, but if you don’t give them that, they will surely seek it elsewhere. So give them some loving and make them as confident as you can!

Men have this obligation of being the provider of the family!
Men have this innate burden of being “the provider” and it’s imbibed in them no matter what. Even if his wife is richer than him, he would still take on that responsibility. It can be traced back to the patriarchy, but if course. Even if the wife is buying her husband or boyfriend, all the fancy body sprays and male grooming products he secretly craves for, he will still be wired with this burden.

Yes, men do want more sex

Your natural response to this would be probably be a resounding “Oh well!” with an eye-roll, but let’s give this some thought. Men don’t crave the physical act only because they want more, but they need to feel wanted. They simply need to be desired and feel that they are wanted by the women they love.

Men struggle with visual temptation

This simply means that most men respond visually when it comes to women. No, we are not only talking about the ones with the roving eye. Even the best husband/boyfriend in the world cannot help but notice a woman in a tight, red dress. Even if it is merely a glance, these visual images are stored away in the male brain as a sort of “visual rolodex” that will reappear without any warning. Men can choose whether to dwell on these images and memories or dismiss them, but they can’t control when these images appear.
Yes, men do like romance but they don’t know if they can be the ideal romantics.

It’s true that a lot of men appear to be like baboons when it comes to romance, but it doesn’t mean that they want to be that way! They do want to be romantic, but they doubt their skills to be the same. They hesitate. Their idea of romance might be innocuously asking you to go to the hardware store when they want some alone time. Yes, very stupid, but play along. They need the encouragement.

Why You Should Prefer E4emporium for Your Bedding Accessories

Studies suggest that proper sleep is your key to perceptive behaviour and a pleasing personality. What’s really needed to get into that magic mood of a spot on snooze, is an idyllic bedroom equipped with ideal bedding accessories. Opting for the appropriate add-ons to embellish your bedroom is important to add to its ambiance, to get the sleep you greatly deserve. The online bedding bazaar these days is teeming with a vast variety and superb selection of bedding essentials ready to revamp your bedroom into a slumber paradise. All you need to do is just pick up the precise trimming to tone up with the shade and size of your exquisite bedding.

The comfortability value of bedding can be notably increased by the addition of bed spreads, duvets (double duvet size and single duvet size), pillows, cushions, throws, mattress toppers, thermal fleece under blankets and valance sheets.

BEDSPREADS: Beds draped in luxurious bedspreads give them a fabulous face-lift. Made from pure linens, sheets of silk they induce a soft feel to force out fatigue and make you feel fresh. You can get them in pleasing prints and stunning styles to suit the flair of your bedding.

DUVETS: Customizable, easy-to-fill and easier to take care of, the duvets are the key to shield you from the chills of a frigid season. Duvets come in various sizes and types. The double duvet size is a good match for the double or king-size beds, whereas the double duvet size is an equivalent to the single bed. The costlier duvets are those stuffed with goose or duck feathers, while the cheaper category has man made polyester fibers filled in.

PILLOWS: Giving proper support to the neck muscles and propping up your head, the pillows play an important part in aligning them with the rest of the body. A cozy bed relieves pressure from your body, whereas the pillows shore up the most vital part your head. Lying down on pretty soft pillows takes you fast into slumber land within minutes.

CUSHIONS: Creatively coloured cushions are soft soothing safeguards that give you best possible comfort and also enhance your bedroom beauty. Available in an assortment of designs, textures, sizes and colours.

THROWS: Throws add texture and a tint of temptation to cuddle up into the warmth of their coziness. They give a new appeal to your bedroom.

THERMAL FLEECE UNDERBLANKETS: As the name suggests these blankets act as insulators, warm up your bed and give you a supreme sleeping experience regardless of the cool climate.

Deciding on and buying the best bed accessory to beautify your bedroom is made effortless and easy by the E4Emporium online shop. E4Emporium, UK, a leading retailer in bedding products, stocks an inimitable range of all above add-ons required to smarten up your bed at the most economical prices.

Sunglasses in Winter – Effective Protection From High Levels Of UV Rays

If you think sunnies are just for warm weather then you are sadly mistaken. Eyes need protection round the year and hence shades are the ideal accessory for shielding from the harmful UV rays of the sun. From aviators to wayfarers there are plenty to choose from when it comes to the ideal pair of eyewear for your chilly winter months.

Few people think of adding shades to the list of essentialities in winter. But it is during the winter months that the sun’s position and angle is such that it can do more harm to you than any other time. It is during November to March that sunrays are aggressive. Sunglasses with high quality lenses offer eyes with effective protection against inflammation and other serious conditions. This is because sunlight contains high levels of UV energy which may cause damage to the retina.

There are certain things that you need to take into consideration when buying sunglasses for winter months they are as follows:
The shades need to be adequately large and they need to fit the shape and size of your face. This is the best way to prevent light from entering the eyes from any angle. It is important to select the right color for your lenses. They must not be yellow, green or blue. Only brown and grey lenses are suggested for the winter months. They provide adequate protection for extremely sensitive eyes. Many people suffer from dry eye syndrome and this is enhanced during the dry season. However, an intelligent move would be if you choose to wear sunglasses in winter when you are out so that you are not bothered by the chronic dry eye problem.

A good pair of sunglasses should also offer protection from blue light this is so because it damage the macula where vision is at its sharpest. While summer sun light is a little bright than the winter sun the reflection and glare levels is much higher and hazardous. It is important to remember your sunglasses during the cold winter months and aid in alleviating the enhanced level of glare. So, basically shades are practical and essential anytime of the year if you want to ensure perfect eye health. When you are making a purchase ensure that you look for polarized shades that will guarantee full protection the damaging rays of the sun. So, go ahead and update your eyewear wardrobe today!

Shopping Mall Has Changed The Idea Of Traditional Shopping

Marketplaces in the urban settings attract large numbers of buyers and sellers. Though the concept of traditional markets is still present, yet there is no denying that Shopping Mall contributes to business significantly than traditional markets. These malls house large numbers of stores under a single roof attracting many buyers and sellers. The best part is that they get plenty of time and options to make a choice. In addition to that, these malls also provide a recreational form of shopping that is definitely not available with traditional markets. Narrowing of shopping streets and the rise of malls has become one of the latest trends in retailing.

Leisure Centers For Relaxing:

In a study conducted, it was found that shoppers visit malls not only for the purpose of shopping, but also for relaxing. After all, the space and ambience in these malls are sufficient enough to provide a leisurely relaxation to visitors of all ages and all kinds. Apart from that, it is also noted that shoppers tend to shop in response to the promotion of sales offered by different stores. These stores use place branding for carrying out promotional activities. Customer service is also another important thing that shop owners and mall operators give attention to in order to enhance the satisfaction of visitors in the mall.

Ambience And Facilities:

In the retail sector, new players keep on emerging for satisfying the demands of customers. Hence, these players tend to place themselves in attractive and better located Shopping Mall. Most of these malls are equipped with amazing amenities and facilities. Apart from that, they are perfectly designed with appealing ambience that attracts any visitor. Urban shoppers tend to visit these malls as leisure and then shop in response to the choices they have in front of them. The ambience and facilities also make shoppers stay longer in the malls and get indulged in compulsive buying.

Everything Under A Roof:

The best part about any Shopping Center is that there are lots of stores under a single roof. A consumer interested in buying different categories of products can find everything in the malls from different brands. In addition to that buying and spending quality time with friends, visitors can eat anything they want. They can get indulged in movie viewing at the movie halls of the malls. Hence, as a visitor or a shopper, you can expect to get wide varieties of products and services here.

Saving Expenses And Time:

The Shopping Center is the favorite destination for all shoppers today because the attractive sales offered by different brands help in saving money. In addition to that, shopping also takes less time because of the availability of many stores in the same place. It helps in saving time in moving from one place to another. You need not burn car fuel by driving from one store to another. Shopping is fun and altogether a different experience when you are at any mall with your friends, family or alone and it will help you socialize, as well.

Destin Florida Shopping Is A Great Deal

Shopping at any place in Florida is a great experience in itself and one in all the additional interesting things to try and do, including many other things to do while your stay in Florida. Purchasing and buying products in place like Grand boulevard is one of the interesting outdoor activities that can be done by walking either on streets or mall. Florida is such a big place to do shopping that you can shop whole day, while walking from one outlet to another. It is particularly fun if you are particular what to buy and from where to buy. There are several malls, retail shops and there are some outlets that offer shopping with special discounts. To search out these nice shopping centers and malls, all you have got to try and do is go browsing or, if you are in Florida, you can go to Destin Florida Shopping.

Florida Retail shops

If you are keen to purchase items, then look no more than the various outlets all over the city. There are many famous and old brands that have their selling outlets throughout the city. There are many popular brands that suits to everyone budget. Some of the brands are local but they are famous all over and some of the brands are international. There are more than 150 shopping outlets in the streets of the Florida city. They are selling local products and items from many years to the local residents and visitors at very affordable price. Grand boulevard is a center that has its own shopping mall where you will everything that you included in your list of items to be purchased.

Shopping with coupons
If you really want the huge discount or want to save a lot on shopping in city, then you can search for the discount coupons online. You will all most every major brand online offering discount or saving coupons with specific condition. You can browse such sis and collect your discount coupon and go to grab your items in the street of the Florida.

Shopping at Destin Malls

These Malls are one of the good way for shopping variety of things under same roof. There are various such malls throughout the Florida, one in all the most important venue for mall in city is Destin. There are loads of outlets. Grand Boulevard is one in all the most important galvanized malls in the region. There is no need to visit the big shopping malls that offer a multiple level brands, but, the smaller single floors malls in smaller cities can also satisfy all of your desires to shop.

If you are a visitor and searching for discount on Shopping in Destin Florida, then you should surf internet to find place under your budget for shopping. You can even contact your hotel service staff for reference for some good place for shopping or you can even ask the local residents about their favorite place for shopping in the city. All this will really help you to do in budget and some cheap shopping in the Florida while spending your vacation.

K-Pop Rules the World of Korean Fashion

K-Pop has become synonymous with Korean culture over the years. Riding on the popularity wave of catchy songs and handsome stars, K-pop has also made a strong place in the world of Korean fashion. So much so, that you cannot help but talk about K-pop when the topic is Korean celebrity style.

So what is it that makes the K-Pop culture tick? Some would say it’s their unabashed blurring of gender lines that has made them heartthrobs. Men splurge on beauty products, wear bright colours and floral prints and are not afraid of the liquid liner. Women model menswear, looking so slick in denim shirts, dusters and loose black trousers that one could never guess they are modelling menswear.
We take a look at the top K-pop trends.

Monochrome basics: We all have that neglected piece of top, sweater, skirt or blazer in our closet. With the popularity of K-pop fashion, we now know that these items can be easily upgraded to make eye-catching style statements. A t-shirt in solid colour that one would otherwise wear as undergarments can be worn with a maxi skirt or a simple circle skirt to ride the K-pop wave.

Florals, graphics and stripes: K-pop stars are not afraid of experimenting. They aren’t afraid of colour or bold prints or quirky designs. So while you’d never mix floral prints and stripes, or shy away from wearing animal prints with plaid, nothing is impossible for them. You can find classic skinny pants in floral or paisley prints and jackets in bold graphic prints by leading brands like Zara and Forever 21. The K-pop phenomenon has taken over the fashion scene and how!

Metallics: From clothes to make-up, the metallic trend is everywhere. If you are looking for some shimmer and shine to beat the winter blues, look no further than some gold nail polish or a shimmery silver dress. While metallics had always existed in the world of fashion, K-pop has revived it to spectacular heights. From demure to daring, metallic fashion suits all and is surely here to stay.

Military accents: One of the most popular K-pop fashion trends, military accents can be incorporated into everyday outfits. If you don’t want to go for a full out military inspired attire, then try adding military accents with jackets or hats. They look cute and make you stand out from the crowd.

K-pop isn’t just limited to everyday fashion. They have taken runways by storm too. From K-pop star G-Dragon, who has collaborated with Nicola Formichetti, to the SHINee boys, with their signature style, have been pioneering gender neutral fashion. Fashions moguls like Tommy Hilfiger, Michael Kors and Marc Jacobs have borrowed heavily from the stripes trend and incorporated it into their designs that have been showcased at the Singapore Fashion Week (better known as FIDE Fashion Week). And that’s not all. K-pop star Rain has reportedly had quite a presence at major fashion shows.

K-Pop fashion is here to rule the runways and the wardrobes. Love it or hate it, you simply can’t ignore it!

Perfume at Discounted Rate

Perfume Market is one of the best retailer online and offline marketing company which provides quality products at reasonable cost. This Perfumes wholesale market is indulged in selling branded products like Adidas, Gucci, and Calvin Klein. In Perfume wholesale market, you will get 100% original products of best quality at competitive price.

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If you want to update yourself regarding perfume, then simply you have to visit our website or sign up easily where this Perfume Market will regularly send you the mail regarding the perfumes which are updated recently. Be the first member to receive the goods along with services by making the order early.

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The perfumes which are provided by us are having more fragrance and reasonable prices that will allow the wholesalers and retailers to earn maximum turnover from this. At regular interval of time this perfume market will update you with the fresh products which are placed recently in the store. This perfume market will also allow you to gift the perfume to your dear one only by sitting at one place.

Advantages Of Shopping At New Balance

With the world of attires ridded with so many players, pinpointing a service provider can be a tall order for a potential buyer. There are numerous stores selling shoes all over the world, each with its own terms and conditions. However, the final decision lies with the buyer. In most cases one is looking for a store or brand that has something additional in what they offer and one such case is the new balance products. This firm has established itself as the beacon of shoes and many other dressing components. It is therefore important to have an insight into the pluses of acquiring your products from new balance and here are the few notable ones.

€ Variety

Anyone doing shopping will definitely fancy variety, allowing you the freedom to juggle between different options at your disposal. New balance provides one of the widest collections of assorted products including shoes and clothing. Shoes are one such wide arena that one is open to a world of options, each with different details, designs and many other specifications. One is therefore not restricted to picking from a slim list but rather allowed a free will to traverse and choose as they see fit. This is a major plus in that one can keep shifting and adjusting the parameters depending on their specific needs to come up with what best serves the purpose.

€ Aggressive pricing

Money being a limiting factor in most cases plays a crucial role in the purchase decisions. This firm gives an affordable pricing for quality products, lifting the burden of financial constraints off the buyer. One can thus choose to have different products at the same time while maintaining their budget at the slim size as required. With such a pricing, it is inevitable to stash a few things to your basket without having necessarily feeling the pinch on your wallet.

It is thus important to understand that any quest for a good pricing ration can be easily found at this firm without much problem.

€ Assured quality

Every buyer is looking for quality that is worth the trust and money. New balance 992 provides for a collection that has made with the highest quality in mind. These shoes are of designed in the best way possible to give the best quality which is coupled with highly persuasive designs that are worth every penny that is cashed out.

Since these shoes are made with the finest technology around, the final product envisions the most current trends in the market in all manners of ways. Materials used in the manufacture of these shoes are well selected to ensure that all you get is equal to the amount cashed out.

In this regard, numerous advantages come with looking for your shoes at this firm. It is imperative to take advantage of the wide collection to gain what one could have missed elsewhere while minimizing the damages that such a move might have on your pocket.

Finding Holiday Magic in NYC – Art Opening, Winter Ball + Foxes

Every two years one of our dear friends, the talented painter Brad Kunkle, hosts a solo exhibition at the Arcadia Contemporary gallery in Soho. Last Thursday marked Brad’s third solo show and also the third time we have made the journey to NYC to attend. It’s not everyday you have the chance to celebrate your friend’s talent and see their dreams come true right before your eyes. Originally slated for December 20th, we figured we would be up north for the holidays anyway, but we decided to make our holiday trek to NYC a tad earlier when the opening date changed to December 11th with stops in Washington, DC and Jim Thorpe, PA.

Adding a new video installation element to this year’s opening, Brad admitted he was a little nervous. After helping him decide what to wear (we nixed the hipster plaid shirt imagining viewing the photos 20 years from now for a more classic dot shirt), Brad suggested we take the edge off by grabbing a drink with a group of his artist friends at Lucky Strike bistro around the corner from the gallery.

Arriving at the gallery, it was a family reunion of sorts. Brad had family and friends fly and drive in from all over the East Coast along with a band of his contemporaries including the talented trifecta Casey Baugh, Martin Wittfooth and Jason Yarmosky. Joel’s older brother Josh also made a surprise appearance with our niece Ada, who experienced her very first trip to New York City.

After decompressing from another successsful show, we decided (this time, there was no arm twisting required!) to celebrate by attending the 6th Annual Winter Ball at The Irondale Center in historic Fort Greene in Brooklyn. Hosted by Michael Arenella and his Dreamland Orchestra, these are the same vintage-loving folks who host the Jazz Age Lawn Party, which I attended with fanfare in June and August this past year.

Not sure if its the magical setting soaked in nostalgia, the Ziegfield-esque energy or my Zelda transformation, but Joel seems to always want to hit the dance floor when Arenella is on stage (see proof below, featured in the Paper Mothball Vintage blog). Perhaps, it was a side effect of “Christmas in a cup” delivered freely by our incredible server, who kept us into our cups and on our toes all night long.

Before I sign off and let you continue your Christmas countdown, thought I’d share with you my favorite cocktail from the ball. Cheers + Happiest of Holidays to you & yours!